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9 great talks about talking

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TED Talks cover an incredible breadth of topics — from mathematical origami to self-repairing architecture to personalized medicine. Some talks explore what lies at the very essence of TED — the act of talking. The 10 talks below explore the various dynamics of speech — from phonology to cognition to the socio-cultural role of language in society. These talks at times offer insight into the struggle for self-expression and at other times engage in contentious linguistic debates. As a whole, they provide a holistic and layered view of speech and language. Because what would TED be without talking?

[ted_talkteaser id=1121]Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice
We deeply miss Roger Ebert. In this poignant talk from TED2011, he shared his remarkable rediscovery of self-expression after losing his voice in the fight against jaw cancer. While he couldn’t speak for the last few years of his life, he explained how he found…

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